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Image : Pres. Duterte names 3 more ‘narco’ officials

Pres. Duterte names 3 more ‘narco’ officials

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  President Rodrigo Duterte once again showed his thick narco list containing names of governor, congressman, mayor, policemen, some military personnel and barangay captains who are allegedly involved in illegal drug trade. After several months,

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DA lifts transport ban on chickens and other poultry products from Luzon

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DA lifts transport ban on chickens and other poultry products from Luzon

(FILE PHOTO) Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel “Manny” Piñol

The Department of Agriculture (DA) has confirmed that the fowls in San Luis Pampanga tested positive of avian influenza based on the examination of an Australian Laboratory on chicken samples sent by the Philippine authorities.

“Australian Animal Health Laboratory confirms positive presence of bird flu in San Luis,” Department of Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol said.

Agriculture officials initially announced that the chickens tested negative of the N1 strain of the virus which can be transmitted to humans, and that they would need three days to determine if the chickens were positive of N6 strain which can also infect humans.

For now, the DA has lifted the ban on the transportation of chickens and other poultry products out of Luzon.

This is only as long as the chickens are not from farms within the 7-km radius controlled zone in San Luis, Pampanga, and the town of Jaen and Isidro in Nueva Ecija.

Those planning to deliver chickens need to secure first a certificate from the quarantine office of the Department of Agriculture.

The DA said it also considers the impact of the outbreak to the industry of poultry in the country.

Agriculture officials are hoping that the local governments units in Luzon will cooperate with them, and would have all poultry products to be outside of Luzon undergo strict inspection.

“Beyond emotional considerations and our first consideration, most important of all is bio-security consideration. That’s when I assured our experts that it’s already okay,” Piñol said.

Chicken poultry raisers have already lost billions in income and are hoping to regain their losses with the lifting of the shipping ban.

Some chicken raisers have already imposed a very low price of ten pesos for every kilogram live chicken.

“We also want consumer confidence, producer confidence to really assure everyone that the products we are producing outside of the containment zones are safe,”United Broiler Raisers Association president Elias Jose Inciong said.

The DA will also set up posters at public markets as certification that the chickens the vendors are selling are safe to eat. – Rey Pelayo | UNTV News and Rescue

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