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Image : NBA: Westbrook's Thunder stop Spurs' winning streak

NBA: Westbrook's Thunder stop Spurs' winning streak

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Russell Westbrook moved into a tie with Wilt Chamberlain on the regular season triple double list as the Oklahoma City Thunder shut down the San Antonio Spurs with a 102-92 victory on Thursday. Westbrook recorded his 31st triple double to tie

Image : Poll: Declining self-rated poverty hits new record low

Poll: Declining self-rated poverty hits new record low

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MANILA, Philippines – The percentage of Filipinos who consider themselves “poor” hit the lowest in 29 years, according to a survey conducted by the Social We

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Reese Witherspoon thrilled to learn of Irish heritage

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Reese Witherspoon was excited to learn that her ancestors were mostly from Ireland.

The Wild actress was born in Louisiana and spent her childhood in Nashville, Tennessee, and she has always been proud of her ancestors, who she believed to be from Scotland and Wales.

However, Reese has now learned that her relatives are actually from the Emerald Isle.

"I did one of those genetic testing things and I found out that I'm 63 per cent Irish," she said during an appearance on Conan on Tuesday (21Mar17). "I had no idea. I had no idea! I thought I was Scottish and Welsh. It turns out my parents are just full of s**t, I guess. But now I'm Irish!"

Reese, who turned 41 on Wednesday (22Mar17), added that she was on board with meeting any Irish family members.

"It just makes so much sense," she laughed. "I'm a really good drinker. I love St. Patrick's Day. Potatoes are delicious. I'm looking forward to meeting all my cousins."

Before she could continue, host Conan O'Brien jokingly said, "No, no - you don't want to meet those people" and she excitedly responded, "You and I are probably related!"

During her interview, Reese also discussed her recent travels to New Zealand, where she had been filming Ava DuVernay's upcoming film adaptation of the novel A Wrinkle in Time with Oprah Winfrey.

And the mother-of-three found Oprah to be as generous and kind in real life as she was during her TV talk show days.

"She also just loves to bring everybody muffins - but not like a regular muffin. She has muffins flown in from Napa! She doesn't just give them to a few people; she gives them to the entire crew," she shared. "I had to Instagram the muffins. It's so exciting. She's so nice. So generous."

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