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Image : Miriam’s husband named adviser on revenue raising

Miriam’s husband named adviser on revenue raising

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MANILA, Philippines - Former interior and local government undersecretary Narciso Santiago Jr.

Image : Blac Chyna felt 'betrayed' by Rob Kardashian revenge porn scandal

Blac Chyna felt 'betrayed' by Rob Kardashian revenge porn scandal

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Rob Kardashian's "sweet and caring" nature was what first attracted Blac Chyna to him, she has revealed in her first interview about the reality star's revenge porn scandal.

Image : Poe on Maute attack: What happened to billions of intel funds?

Poe on Maute attack: What happened to billions of intel funds?

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MANILA, Philippines — With billions of government funds allocated this year for intelligence, a senator asked how the Maute group had successfully penetrated

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Guam eyes end to US colonial rule

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HAGATNA (AFP) – As Guam prepares to celebrate Liberation Day this week, political leaders on the Pacific island say it’s time to decide whether to remain a US colony or become an independent nation.

Debate about independence has raged for decades but legal complications mean plans to take the issue to a vote have stalled several times.

Former senator Eddie Duenas said a self-rule plebiscite was long overdue and should be held alongside a gubernatorial election due next year.

“We have been driving but we don’t know where we’re driving to and how far  we will go,” he told a recent meeting of Guam’s decolonization commission in the capital Hagatna.

“We just keep driving and driving. It’s annoying.”

Guam has been an unincorporated territory of the United States since 1898, meaning its 160,000 inhabitants are US citizens but have limited rights.

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They cannot participate in US elections and Guam’s sole  representative in the US Congress does not get to vote on legislation.

The United Nations lists Guam as one of only 17 remaining colonies worldwide, a situation Governor Eddie Calvo wants remedied.

Calvo has long campaigned for a refer- endum on self-determination that would give voters three options for the future – independence, becoming a US state, or remaining in “free association”with Washington.

All options have their advocates and Calvo says whatever the outcome, at least voters would have had a say in their future.

“Anything is better than the status quo” he said earlier this month.

“I would be happier if we became a state (but) if voters chose independence or free association I would be happier than I am right now.”

The independence question is com- plicated by Guam’s long and complex relationship with the United States since becoming Washington’s colony in the wake of the Spanish-American War.


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