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Image : Leonard outduels Westbrook as Spurs beat Thunder

Leonard outduels Westbrook as Spurs beat Thunder

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(The Sports Xchange) – If all anyone expected was a duel in the Alamo City between two of the NBA’s erstwhile MVP candidates, San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard and Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook, they might have been disappointed by the way the Spurs’

Image : 'Blackfish' killer whale dies

'Blackfish' killer whale dies

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Tilikum, the killer whale at the center of the 2013 documentary "Blackfish" -- which criticized the captivity of orcas -- died on Friday, according to SeaWorld. "Tilikum passed away early this morning, January 6, surrounded by the trainers, care

Image : Dissent, destabilization are the same — Citizen National Guard

Dissent, destabilization are the same — Citizen National Guard

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MANILA, Philippines — The newly-formed group Citizen National Guard claimed that the country is under siege from the “enemies of the state” who are out to de

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Alvarez wants zero budget for CHR

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MANILA, Philippines - Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez wants the 2018 budget for the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) scrapped so it would be forced to close shop.

He told reporters yesterday during the budget hearing of the CHR for 2018 that personally, he is for giving the agency “zero budget because it is not doing its job.”

“They are not protecting the human rights of all Filipinos. They seem to be more concerned about the human rights of criminals, not the victims. That has been my observation,” he said in Filipino.

“Every time massacres are perpetrated, these criminals, these drug addicts, the CHR executives keep quiet. It’s like Christmas for them, just like ‘Silent Night’ – they have no comment,” Alvarez stressed, reeking with sarcasm.

The Speaker also noticed that the CHR has not actually been the bastion of justice as far as policemen and soldiers are concerned, even if these security forces also have human rights just like the more than 96 million Filipinos and not just the almost four million drug addicts.

“Now, if there are incidents where somebody dies and they believe it was extrajudicial killing committed by the police, they are really noisy,” Alvarez lamented.

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“Why is that so? I thought human rights are for all? Why are they selective on whom to protect and whose rights to take care of? They don’t care about the rights of the victims of these criminals.”

The Speaker said the House of Representatives could not abolish the CHR, since it is a constitutional agency.

“But we can decide to not give it any budget,” he said. – With Marvin Sy

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