Tell it to SunStar: Congress should do it right

WHAT happened to the House of Representatives and the Senate? Looking at them, I remember what my father used to say in Cebuano. Nagpataasay sa ihi. Why would Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III not talk things out?

I think the problem is a result of Alvarez making the Senate weak by not accepting the proposal that there should be separate voting for whatever in the constitution is amended.

If I am asked to choose who I will side with, if it is the Upper Chamber or the Lower Chamber. I say I would side with the senators. I don’t like the House, whch is composed of people who act and look like thugs. The Senate is composed of people who are mostly intellectuals.

I don’t like the House but I like the Senate.--Rodney Macalinao