KSPC power plant achieves milestone

FOR over six years since commercial operations in 2011, KEPCO SPC Power Corp.’s Unit No. 2 of its 2x100 MW coal-fired power plant has achieved a meaningful milestone.

Unit No. 2 had been operated without trouble and shutdown for eight months and 14 days from July 2017 up to its next scheduled preventive maintenance schedule (PMS) in April 7, even with several grid disturbances such as a tropical storm in December 2017 in Northern Cebu and earthquake last year in Leyte.

In addition, the company accomplished perfect operation for almost 350 days since the last forced outage, including preventive maintenance period. This indicates that KSPC is on track in its commitment to ensure power stability in the Visayas Grid.

This was made possible through the efforts of the employees and the high-tech operational skills and maintenance.

Maintenance works are set to finish on April 27, earlier than expected to ensure power reliability in the Visayas Grid, especially this summer season. (PR)