‘Paris climate deal easy to implement’

MANILA, Philippines -  The Paris Agreement on Climate Change is not so complicated that it cannot be understood nor implemented by ordinary Filipinos.

Sen. Loren Legarda yesterday gave this assurance, as she said she is often asked about the historic agreement that aims to reduce greenhouse gases by 2030 and its relevance to ordinary Filipinos.

“This is about saving our planet, our future. It has been signed so the time for talk is over and we have to act now,” the senator, who chairs the Senate committee on climate change, told the Climate Reality Leadership awards at the Senate last week.

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change entered into force for the Philippines last Saturday, Earth Day, which meant that effective immediately, the Philippines will no longer be just an observer in the next meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement or CMA.

Since the Paris Agreement allows the country access to international climate finance mechanisms, Legarda said it is important for the government to immediately identify programs that can be funded.

She said the country can secure support from developed countries for adaptation, mitigation, technology development and transfer, and capacity building projects. Such projects, according to her, could help finance the development and roll out of the country’s early warning systems, comprehensive risk assessment and management tools, and other capacity-building projects and programs that would make communities more resilient to climate change.

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Legarda said the best way for Filipinos to honor the agreement is to pitch in to protect the environment and cut wastes by eating more local, plant-based food. She noted that food coming from distant places utilizes more energy for transportation and preservation, resulting in more carbon emissions.