Rapper MC Lyte engaged

Rapper MC Lyte engaged
MC Lyte

Rap star MC Lyte is engaged.

The Ruffneck hitmaker and her fiance met online and announced they were dating in January (17).

The 46-year-old spent several years as a single woman, but knew her new man, named John, was the one after an intimate conversation.

"It was one day while we were talking and I kind of looked in his eyes and I was like, 'Oh my God, so much honesty and truth in his eyes'," she tells Essence magazine. "My biggest thing with dating ever was the ability to be open and I can totally just let go with him."

She also reveals her years as a single woman made her think about what she would have done differently in her personal life.

"Had I had it to do all over again, I probably would have built the foundation for a strong relationship first, prior to MC Lyte," she adds. "Getting whisked away with all that MC Lyte is, it took me away from the reality of how important it is to have a significant other. So I would just advise all of the women who have their paper straight and not the man, to start paying attention to that. And vice versa."

She also urges women to be more aware of who they are if they want to find love.

"Just being alone, being single in Los Angeles, California (opened my eyes to that)," she continues. "That is a hard thing to do for a black woman, to date and it be authentic and true. So I think when you're present and you're aware, it opens you up..."

This will be the first marriage for the rapper.

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