Commission to campaign for federalism next year

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – President Duterte said a commission would be formed early next year to go around the country for an information drive to increase people’s awareness on the proposed shift to a federal form of government. 

“The commission will go around early next year so federalism can be discussed,” Duterte told more than 2,000 barangay officials who attended the Christmas gathering held here at the Almendras gym last Tuesday night. 

The commission will lead discussions and then pave the way for the eventual crafting of a law that will shift the form of government from presidential to federal.

The President has been pushing the House of Representatives and Senate to immediately pass a law to shift to the federal form of government.

Duterte said he is ready to step down from office once a federal system of government is firmed up. 

He stressed that he himself will campaign for the passage of the proposed form of government when a plebiscite is held. 

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Duterte also explained that only federalism could solve the problems of Mindanao, particularly the attainment of an elusive just and lasting peace.