Laverne Cox still has anxiety over using a public bathroom

Laverne Cox still has anxiety over using a public bathroom
Laverne Cox

Transgender actress Laverne Cox still has anxiety when using public bathrooms in certain areas of the U.S.

The Orange is the New Black star occasionally runs into issues when she wants to use the women's bathroom, even though she's a big star.

"I remember recently I was doing a TV show and I was on television to talk about the bathroom issue and I was at MSNBC and I was like, 'Everybody is going to look to see what bathroom I'm going in'," she told U.S. talk show The View on Friday (16Jun17). "It's an extra thing I find myself thinking about because I'm trans."

Laverne was reminded of her struggles a few years ago while on a date in New York City and she explains she was shocked she had problems in such a diverse city.

"Years ago, before I was famous, I was on a date in New York... and they carded me when I went into the establishment," she added. "When I was going to the ladies' room the security guard stopped me and said, 'Can I see your ID?', and I was like, 'Oh, they asked to see my ID outside', and he said, 'I need to see your ID again'. And all my IDs match who I am, but it was definitely a moment I was reminded I'm not always safe - and this is in New York City.

"I definitely have more anxiety when I'm in other parts of the country about going to the bathroom, which is a shame," she continued. "And that shouldn't be a thing. If trans people can't access public bathrooms then we can't really fully participate in public life."

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