Ed Westwick goes sans clothes at home

Ed Westwick goes sans clothes at home
Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick wears a “lot of nothing” when he’s at home.

The Gossip Girl star often makes the cut when it comes to lists of the world’s best dressed men, thanks to his mixed wardrobe of tailored pieces and laid back outfits.

However, away from work commitments British actor Ed likes to relax wearing as little as possible.

“Just like nothing. I wear a lot of nothing,” he grinned in a video for British GQ. “I do have a nice robe with a nice hood on it. I got this one from (U.K. retailer) John Lewis.”

For the interview, Ed scrubbed up well in a pink shirt and jeans, finishing his look off with a white fedora hat. He added a fresh sprig of white baby’s breath flowers to his hat.

“I got (the hat from) Ascot Races, there was a shop in there,” he explained. “I woke up put some jeans on, some boots on. Put these on (arm garters) because the shirt’s a bit long.

“(The shirt’s from) Tommy Hilfiger. This is sort of my general style.”

When quizzed on what he wears when out and about, Ed laughed that GQ had previously poked fun at his penchant for low cut T-shirts.

“Yeah I saw you guys dig me out on that, dig me out on wearing deep Vs (neck T-shirts) back in the day. See what write up I get for wearing this,” he joked.

Ed can currently be seen in BBC comedy series White Gold, which is set in the world of an ‘80s double-glazing showroom.

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