Foton places PSL semis loss to Petron under protest

Foton places PSL semis loss to Petron under protest

EJ Laure falls to ground as she tries to save the ball. | Philippine Superliga/Roman Prospero

MANILA, Philippines — The Foton Tornadoes management on Friday filed a protest against their Philippine Superliga semifinals loss to the Petron Blaze Spikers.

In a letter addressed to PSL president Ramon Suzara, Foton team owner Rommel Sytin claimed there were questionable calls made against the Tornadoes.

"We felt that the officiating of the games has to improve as we felt that there were many officiating irregularities that were made on the game that transpired," the letter read.

"This letter signifies our protest on how the mentioned game was officiated."

Sytin listed five irregularities that affected Foton:

• A yellow card issued to the team for delaying the game when team captain Jaja Santiago was about to serve;

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• First referee Jocelyn Del Rosario's constant reprimanding to Santiago and Maika Ortiz for not doing the blocking position;

• An officiating error wherein the Tornadoes called for a substitution, which was signaled by second referee Lumer Pajarillo but was not acknowledged Rosario resulting to a Petron point;

• Pajarillo also told the bench to the fix the sponsor boards; 

• And finally, two lifting violations against Foton players Shang Berte and Ivy Perez.

Sytin said they hope for an investigation to further improve the league and requested a personal meeting with Suzara.

The Blaze Spikers won the semifinals match and went on to win the All-Filipino Conference title, defeating the F2 Logistics Cargo Movers.