Lily Collins has lost track of her natural hair colour

Lily Collins has lost track of her natural hair colour
Lily Collins

Lily Collins has dyed her hair so many times that she’s lost track of her natural colour.

The star made her film debut in 2009’s The Blind Side, alongside Sandra Bullock, and has most recently appeared in Rules Don’t Apply, where she plays an aspiring actress.

However, in real life her career is red-hot, with Lily building up a reputation as serious talent.

But the 27-year-old admits that constant hair styling for roles as taken its toll on her tresses.

"I’ve kind of lost track of my natural colour,” she told The New York Times. “I just got back to brown from watermelon-red. That was for a role. I was shooting a movie in Korea, and my character’s name is Red. It’s nice to be back to brown because I know the make-up colours that work.”

Lily adds that because she’s starred in many period films, like when she played Snow White in Mirror Mirror, her hair is often curled or coloured, causing damage.

Accordingly, in between shoots, she tries to strengthen her naturally dark locks by using Kerastase products and Shu Uemera Fiber Lift if her hair needs more volume.

“If I’ve gone a couple days without washing it, I’m the biggest fan of the Oribe hair sprays, whether it’s the beach spray or the dry shampoo,” she shared.

With her classic look and signature bold eyebrows, Lily is also becoming a beauty icon in her own right.

Just like fellow stars Daria Werbowy, Emma Watson and Julia Roberts, Lily is a brand ambassador for French brand Lancome, and has been since 2014, where she offers a youthful vibe.

She’s also fascinated by the beauty regimes embraced by other cultures and gushes about a “really incredible” experience had in Taiwan.

“It was my last day, and my friend and I went to this house where they treat you on the floor. They wash your feet, and there was an amazing massage, and then we had tea,” said Lily.

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