Families of Manchester bombing victims to receive big payout

Families of Manchester bombing victims to receive big payout
Ariana Grande

The families of the music fans killed in the Manchester bombing attack in May (17) have each been granted $322,000 (£250,000) from a charitable fund established in the wake of the tragedy.

Twenty-two people were killed on 22 May (17) when a suicide bomber targeted the Manchester Arena, where Ariana Grande had been performing as part of her Dangerous Woman Tour.

Local officials set up the We Love Manchester Fund to aid those affected by the atrocity, and more than $20.6 million (£16 million) was raised from public donations.

On Tuesday (15Aug17), Councilor Sue Murphy announced the relatives of the 22 victims would soon be receiving cheques to help pull them through the tough times.

"The city and the world responded with such extreme kindness, generosity and solidarity in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena attack," she told The Guardian. "We will now spend some time looking at how we will distribute the rest of the funds. This will be a complex and sensitive process as we will need to assess the long-term impacts of the attack."

Others who were hospitalised following the bombing have already been handed cash pay outs from city officials.

"The money is given as a gift, so it's up to them what they do with it," Murphy said.

The We Love Manchester Fund was given a big boost just two weeks after the attack when Grande returned to Manchester to stage a star-studded charity concert, featuring the likes of Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry, among many others.

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