How Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil prepare for Star Magic Ball 2017

How Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil prepare for Star Magic Ball 2017

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil at the red carpet of last year's Star Magic Ball. ABS-CBN/Released

MANILA, Philippines — After being hailed as Best Dressed in last year’s Star Magic Ball, actress Liza Soberano is preparing for a repeat.

But while she wore a baby blue Michael Cinco creation last year, this year she will wear something off-the-rack, according to a Star Magic press statement.

Meanwhile, Liza's on-screen partner Enrique Gil will be wearing Balenciaga.

Besides designer wear, Star Magic talents showcase their sexiness in the annual ball, which will be held at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel on September 30.

For this, LizQuen, Liza and Enrique’s love team, has been working hard by training together with celebrity coach Bok Santos.

“In a way, if kaya n’ya, eh’ di kaya ko rin. That’s how we motivate each other… That’s healthy competition,” Enrique told in a recent interview during LizQuen’s launch as new Closeup ambassadors.

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According to him, he and Liza got closer during their workouts in preparation for their upcoming revival of the Filipino comic book character “Darna.”

Apart from their looks, LizQuen agree that the best accessory they could have at Star Magic Ball is their smile.

“Syempre, nakakahiya naman kay Liza kung bad breath ako ‘di ba?” Enrique quipped.

Liza, Enrique argue on how to properly brush teeth

How do Liza and Enrique achieve their winning celebrity smile?

Liza said she brushes her teeth in circular motion. “That’s what my dentist told me,” she enthused.

Enrique, meanwhile, brushes his teeth in up and down motion. “It depends on your gums. It depends on the type of your teeth. For me, I like up and down to take out the yellow stains. And then I brush sideways, all around the mouth.”

Liza, however, quickly corrected Enrique. “I don’t brush sideways, ever,” she told Quen.

“Really?” Quen said.

“Because my dentist told me that’s the worst way to brush your teeth!” Liza stressed.

“Mine kasi masakit ‘pag pa-ganon. So, I go brush a little on top slowly then hard pa-side. Kasi if you do it up and down, your gums will push up, so it’s also masakit and it bleeds. I’m a bleeder kasi sa gums. Depends on your teeth,” Enrique explained.

How do you tell a person he has bad breath?

Enrique: “Abutan mo ng toothpaste!”

Liza: “To be honest, I’ve never told anybody they have bad breath. When I do recognize that, I try not to breathe when they come near.”

Enrique: “You might pass out while talking to them.”

Liza: “How do you tell them? There’s no polite way to say it.”

Enrique: “Face the wall, write it down, I don’t know!”

Liza: “Maybe you can say, ‘I don’t mean to be rude but your breath stinks’.”

Enrique: “Kakain na lang kami ng pusit para parehas na kami ng amoy!”