Warriors’ Curry shows anger on court, compassion off it

Warriors’ Curry shows anger on court, compassion off it

Steph Curry | AP File Photo

MANILA, Philippines — Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors was slapped with a $50,000 fine for throwing his mouthpiece in the direction of the referee.

Curry was visibly upset with a non-call in the fourth quarter in their match against Memphis and it appeared that he was throwing his mouthpiece toward an official.

However, he apologized and maintained that it was not his intent.

"It was embarrassing, and I know that," he said.

"I can't do that. I know the league wants to crack down on that type of behavior and I understand why. I've got to be better than that."

But on a more positive note, the Warriors star was seen comforting Dallas guard Devin Harris' nephew, who lost his dad in a car crash.

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Stephen Curry praying pregame with a kid who lost his father due to a car accident.pic.twitter.com/Fdn0C0OM0r

— alex (@KDISAWARRIOR) October 24, 2017


"I can't imagine what he's going through but the best thing I can say is to lean on his family to give him that strength to get through tough times," Curry said.