Laverne Cox’s gluten-free make-up kit

Laverne Cox’s gluten-free make-up kit

Laverne Cox’s gluten intolerance is so severe that she even has to wear gluten-free lipstick.

The Orange Is the New Black star is known for looking picture perfect on the red carpet, and cites her long-running relationship with make-up artist Deja Smith Davenport as one of the reasons she always looks so flawless.

When it comes to prepping her look though, Laverne has some strict restrictions on the products she can use – particularly considering her dietary requirements.

“I love that there are more companies that are gluten-free and vegan and don’t test on animals,” she told WWD. “I found that I’m gluten intolerant last year and I cut gluten out of my diet completely, but it was still showing up in my diet and my doctor said that it could be the lipstick that I’m wearing, ‘cause you eat the lipstick. So now I have to wear gluten-free lipstick.”

Laverne can next be seen in new reality series Glam Masters, a programme which sees make-up artists competing in various challenges, and is executive produced by Kim Kardashian.

And when it comes to her own beauty inspirations, Laverne looks to reality star Kim for make-up hints and tips.

“Kim Kardashian recently did a look for her make-up line and the look was so incredible and I screenshot that and was like Deja, let’s be inspired by this and do our version of this for my skin,” Laverne smiled. “I love J.Lo, I love Beyonce. Zendaya’s taking such great risks and doing really fun things.”

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