Plus-size model Betsy Teske not holding out for Victoria's Secret call

Plus-size model Betsy Teske not holding out for Victoria's Secret call

Betsy Teske doesn't think she has a chance at becoming a Victoria's Secret star because even Ashley Graham hasn't broken down that barrier.

Betsy is set to be the industry's next top plus-size model, after she wowed on the Alexander McQueen runway during Paris Fashion Week in October (17) and again in March, marking the first time the fashion house has a hired a curvy model.

But as other labels flock to hire her, Betsy has admitted she's not holding out for her dream job.

"Well, my dream is Victoria's Secret, but it's never going to happen," she sighed to W magazine. "When you read what the designers at Victoria's Secret say, they want 'strong models,' so if I ever want to... I mean, Ashley Graham doesn't do Victoria's Secret, even though she's up there, of all the curvy models. So, I hope they're going to add someone, and it doesn't have to be me, but let's just broaden our view."

The blonde star, who was studying law before she got her big break, hails from Amsterdam, with her home country honouring her with the Elle Netherlands cover in January.

And as the 21-year-old chatted with W, she revealed she's totally at ease with her body, and is happy to be a part of the current revolution.

"At the moment, I think for the designers, it's very useful to have a separation, because if you're designing for a straight-size model and a curvy model comes in and you have made clothes for a straight-size model, it's going to be a problem," she mused.

"But definitions are definitions. You have to call people what they are - this is a laptop, this is a phone, this is a cup, but we have to have more laptops. We have to have more curvy models. I'm not saying we should ban straight-size models, because there are also girls who are naturally that size, but let's make curvy models more pronounced."

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