Buyer’s Guide: 2018 Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke is one of–if not, the–most eccentric cars on the market today. It’s unique, that’s for sure. Many even hated the look when it initially came out, but they soon changed their minds with time. That’s the thing about the Juke–it grows on you. Fortunately, peculiarity isn’t the Juke’s only selling point. There’s plenty of practical features on offer, tons of standard equipment, a genuine fun-to-drive factor, and sippy fuel economy to boot.


Nissan Juke claims that the Juke is a “cross between a sports car and SUV,” a combination that practically guarantees that it will stand out from the crowd. True to its sports car inspirations, the compact crossover hosts a powerful engine and suspension system tuned for speed. A 1.6-liter, inline four-cylinder, DOHC 16V Twin CVTC engine dwells in the car’s engine bay, which is mated to an X-tronic continuously variable transmission (CVT). This matching helps the Juke deliver a solid 114 hp and 154 Nm of torque. The wheelbase is 2,520 mm long, and supported by an independent MacPherson strut at the front and a torsion beam axle at the rear.

Buyer’s Guide: 2018 Nissan Juke

So where’s the sports car influence you say? Well, Nissan gets the ball rolling with racer-approved bucket seats. There’s also Nissan’s Integrated Control (I-CON) system that lets you switch the driving mode when the road conditions call for it. Simply select the Sport Mode for the responsiveness and nimbleness that satisfies your need for speed. I-CON also controls the AC, heater control, and drive information with one touch. Electric power steering and automatic cruise control gives all the power and speed you need while keeping fuel consumption low. As with any sports car, the rear cabin will hardly fit three people, so even though the brochure says the Nissan Juke’s seating capacity is at five, they likely meant two adults and three children.


The Juke comes with projector beam headlights and bulb taillights with LED signature lamp. Front fog lamps are present, and unlike in any other car, these play a significant role in the prettiness of the front fascia–you’re certainly going to miss them when they’re gone. As is now the norm with modern cars, turn signal lamps are placed on the outside door mirrors. A reverse camera adds to the Juke’s convenience factor. Buyer’s get to choose four smartly colored paint finishes, including Pearl White, Solar Yellow, Red Alert and Black Obsidian.


The Juke features a bevy of systems that let you monitor your driving and provide assistance when needed, courtesy of the Nissan Safety Shield Philosophy which consists of the following technologies:

Intelligent Lane Intervention – a system that alerts you if you begin to veer into another lane.
Moving Object Detection – actively monitors for objects appearing behind you so you can reverse out of parking spots safely.
Vehicle Dynamic Control – drops engine power and applies brakes on individual wheels to counteract over/understeer.

Although the rear cabin trunk space isn’t much, it does offer 251 liters in all, which is enough space to fit up to four medium-sized flight bags. Fold the rear chairs and you get 830 liters of trunk space total. The 60/40-split folding chairs have flat backs, giving you an even surface for your items when they are folded.

Our Verdict

With its distinct appearance and incredible features, the Nissan Juke never fails to impress. However, a family car it is not, so as long as you’re okay with that, there’s no reason this compact crossover can’t give you your money’s worth.

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