Future 'nervous' to step into Curtis Mayfield's shadow for SuperFly soundtrack

Future 'nervous' to step into Curtis Mayfield's shadow for SuperFly soundtrack

Rapper Future was racked with self-doubt when he agreed to craft the new SuperFly soundtrack, because he feared he couldn't follow in the footsteps of soul icon Curtis Mayfield.

The singer created some of the most important film music in history for the original 1972 blaxpoitation film, recording classic tracks such as Freddie's Dead and Pusherman, and when Future signed on create the music for Director X's remake, starring Trevor Jackson, he knew he needed to create a new cultural theme to be considered Mayfield's equal.

"At the beginning I was very nervous, because it’s (Mayfield's Super Fly) the foundation for a lifestyle, for a culture," the Mask Off hitmaker tells Variety. "It’s (original Super Fly soundtrack) an all-time favourite, for everyone... It means so much for me, and even before I was born it was a classic.

“I want to be able to take my music, keeping that same Future sound, but feel like I grew and matured in a way where I didn’t lose the connection (to the original)."

Future was involved with 10 of the 13 tracks on the soundtrack, which also features appearances by Young Thug, Lil Wayne, Miguel, H.E.R. and 21 Savage. He also collaborated with Josh Atchley from top film composer Hans Zimmer’s production company Bleeding Fingers to blend the soundtrack with the film's score.

Once he stripped away the nerves and got down to business, Future enjoyed the process and he's now looking forward to his next soundtrack and score.

"I would definitely do it (a film) again, it’s just gotta happen in an organic way,” he smiles. “I’m not trying to force anything. I wasn’t trying to force this soundtrack, it just happened. So I couldn’t say off the top of my head where my interests would lie."

SuperFly hit U.S. theatres on Wednesday (13Jun18).

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