Some provisions of draft Federal Charter to hamper economic growth – Advocate

Some provisions of draft Federal Charter to hamper economic growth – Advocate

Constitutional Reform & Rectification for Economic Competitiveness & Transformation (CoRRECT) Movement Principal and Co-Founder, Orion Perez Dumdum guesting on Get It Straight with Daniel Razon. (Froilan Calces / Photoville International)

QUEZON CITY, Philippines — CoRRECT Movement Principal and Co-Founder, Orion Perez Dumdum questions some of the provisions of the Federal Charter proposed by the Consultative Committee (ConCom) tasked by President Rodrigo Duterte to review the 1987 Constitution.

In the program Get It Straight With Daniel Razon, Dumdum explained the draft does not entirely reflect the type of federal government being pushed by the PDP-Laban which is the political party of the President.

He said the draft espouses the federal-presidential and not the hybrid or parliamentary form of government as discussed in the party’s book, which includes Dumdum as one of its authors.

The federal advocate also notes that some ConCom members pushed for the hybrid form but majority favored the federal-presidential type.

“Iyong sinasabi kong Magnificent 7, ang panukala nila ay mag parliamentary o mag-hybrid. Pero hindi sila pinakinggan,” Dumdum said.

He claimed that corruption prevails in some countries that are practicing presidential form of government while those implementing a federal-parliament form are more progressive.

Ang mga presidential system usually ang nagiging brand of politics is puro personality-based politics, puro mga showbiz style, pasikatan, name recall. Whereas pag parliament, ang parliamentary system more party based, more platform based, more issue centric. So mas stable ang system of government nila,” he added

He also pointed out several provisions in the draft Federal Charter that might hamper the country’s economy such as the retention of limitations on the foreign ownership.

Dumdum believes that opening the country to more foreign investors will generate more jobs for the Filipinos.

Kasi ang iba’t-ibang bansa sa ASEAN, bukas sila sa pagpasok ng investors. Tayo lang ang may ganyan sa Constitution kaya hindi tayo nakakapag partake doon sa integration na sinasabi,” he explained.

Dumdum also opposed ConCom’s proposal to require a college degree for those running for higher positions as well as the anti-dynasty provision limiting the number of political family members allowed to seek government posts.

“Operationally the way a parliamentary system works, the only people who can reach the top level positions are those who proved themselves thru competence and ability,” the advocate concluded. – Rey Pelayo / UNTV News & Rescue

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