Alexa Chung’s teacher copied her clothes she wore to school

Alexa Chung’s teacher copied her clothes she wore to school

Alexa Chung was so fashionable that her teacher decided to copy the outfits she wore to school.

The British star has been a fashion icon for many years, and made the most of her eye for style by setting up her own clothing company Alexachung in May 2016. The brand made its first appearance at London Fashion Week last month (Sep18), and Alexa shared that she’s been influencing fashion choices from a young age.

“The worst was when a teacher copied me. She bought the fuzzy coat and big glasses I wore. I took a lot of s**t for that,” she laughed in an interview with Elle U.S. “But I was not the middle-aged woman buying stuff because of a 13-year-old! Why weren’t they taking the p**s out of her?!”

In addition, Alexa also became something of a style icon amongst the other teenage girls at school – even those five years her senior.

“Of course, they’d tease me first,” she scoffed. “It would be like a solid month of ‘Alexa, why do you have a record bag? Alexa, why did you cut all your hair off? Alexa, what are those funny loafers?’ And a month later, they’d all be wearing it, too.”

However, the designer was never fazed by any cruel remarks about her looks, as her two “really mean” older brothers meant she had no fear about wearing experimental outfits.

“I already knew I was too skinny and had massive ears. So when I went to school and people were like, ‘You look like Olive Oyl from the Popeye cartoons!’ I would just say, ‘Yeah, I know. Next?’” she recalled.

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