Rebecca Gayheart: 'Co-parenting with Eric Dane isn't easy'

Rebecca Gayheart: 'Co-parenting with Eric Dane isn't easy'

Rebecca Gayheart doesn't always find it easy co-parenting with estranged husband Eric Dane.

The Scream 2 actress and Eric announced they were ending their 14-year marriage in February (18), and while she admits they do their best for their two daughters, Billie and Georgia, she struggles at times.

"We are trying and we are committed (to working it out)," she tells Us Weekly magazine. "There are so many things (difficult parts)."

After the actors filed for divorce, they vowed to work together to make sure their kids came first.

"After 14 years together we have decided that ending our marriage is the best decision for our family," Dane told People magazine earlier this year. "We will continue our friendship and work as a team to co-parent our two beautiful girls as they are the most important thing in the world to us."

Meanwhile, for now, Gayheart is focused on setting a good example for her daughters while she continues to navigate her life as a single mum.

"I think that, as a female, you need to be able to always take care of yourself and never depend on a man," she adds. "I'm going back to work and I think it's partly because I want my daughters to see me work. I took some time off to have my kids."

Rebecca is also taking care to make sure her daughters don't watch Disney films about princesses depending on men.

"A lot of little girls watch and they start fantasising about Prince Charming (saving them)," she explained. "I think that's a message that's very old fashioned."

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