Nicole Kidman creates new fragrances for every character she plays

Nicole Kidman creates new fragrances for every character she plays

Nicole Kidman is so big on scents she conjures up new fragrances to represent every character she plays.

The Big Little Lies star makes her own oil-based perfumes before every new project, but never gives away her ingredients.

"I’ll get asked what it is, but it’s my secret mix - I never give it away," she tells Harper's Bazaar. "Every role I play has a different scent. For Big Little Lies, I created a very particular perfume for my character, Celeste, to wear."

While she's fussy about her smells, Nicole admits she's an easy girl next door when it comes to haircare.

"I'm so low-maintenance it’s crazy," she chuckles, "I’m the girl who doesn’t want to sit in a salon chair for more than 30 minutes. Just do my roots and get me out of there."

And she sticks to no-fuss items when it comes to applying and removing her favourite cosmetics.

"I was taught to take off all of my makeup every night, but if I’ve been working all day I’ll use a cleansing wipe to make it quick and easy," she tells the publication. "They’re great for travelling because you can get them through security.

"And there’s always a lip gloss in my bag. If I swipe on some gloss and curl my lashes in the morning, I look pulled together..."

But her simple routine doesn't mean Nicole isn't a lover of style, confessing she draws inspiration from classic Hollywood icons like Catherine Deneuve and Grace Kelly, who she played in 2014 film Grace of Monaco.

"Their beauty is timeless," she explains.

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