Talking points: Bataan's 11th straight MPBL win

Talking points: Bataan's 11th straight MPBL win

Bataan's Robby Celiz soars for a lay-up.

MANILA, Philippines – It was a huge 77-60 win by Bataan over Pasay for their 11th straight win in 12 outings in the ongoing Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League Datu Cup.

Here are my thoughts about that huge win:

A relentless attack inside

I am a firm believer of initially attacking that basket instead of bombarding from the outside. The key word is “initially”. Because if you take outside shots and they are not going in, one might have a harder time going inside. In fact, this philosophy is shared by no less than the legendary Allan Caidic. Contrary to common knowledge, Caidic first played the center slot, hence, his ability to post up. Even when he later moved to the shooting guard or small forward position, he would always go inside first before shooting outside.

As such, Bataan’s first 13 baskets (after that were free throws) came from undergoal stabs or lay-ups.

It is a good thing they had their way inside because the Risers had a tough day at the office from the three-point mark (2-17).

Winning with a different set of heroes

With Pamboy Raymundo, Byron Villarias and Gary David struggling to score, it was up to Robby Celiz, Al Carlos, Alfred Batino and Gab Daganon to carry the Risers. And they did. To think that Bataan was missing JJ Alejandro and Gio Espuelas.

Celiz led with 16 points.

This type of grind it out win is good as it shows the character of Bataan

Unavailable players. The stars misfiring (read: Gary David, Raymundo and Jeepy Faundo). The other players pick up the slack against a tough foe. This kind of win shows the character of Bataan — deep and talented, tough. Again, it shows the collective effort.

Only Faundo was unable to score out of the 14 players sent in by head coach Jojo Lastimosa (although Jeepy did add a rebound in limited minutes). Everyone chipped in the stat sheet.

The willingness to share the ball

Twenty-five assist by Bataan to the 18 of Pasay. The Risers could have had more but they missed some gimmes. Again, this says a lot about their team effort.

The pressure of winning against a very good opponent

Everyone is thinking that because of the 11-match win streak, the opponents are easy pickings.

Not true. This was a very good Pasay team. They dropped 11 triples. Other squads would have been skewered. But Bataan come crunch time, they came through.

Next up: against Basilan Steel (4-8) on November 12 in Pampanga.